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Instead, you will be shown a dialog box asking for connection credentials.It is typical for the files to be owned by the FTP account that originally uploaded them.Word heeft miljoenen gebruikers die naar jou op zoek zijn. Kies uit de populairste blog-software op het web voor je online thuisbasis.

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Kies de domeinnaam die perfect bij jou past en waarmee je je ideeën kunt verspreiden.

Registreer nu je domein, zelfs als je nog niet aan je site wil beginnen. Zoek je domein Elke website begint met een idee Word biedt het design, de functies en de ondersteuning om hem tot leven te brengen.

If the files are owned by the owner of the current process (i.e., the user under which the web server is running), and new files created by Word Press will also be owned by that user, Word Press will directly modify the files all by itself, without asking you for credentials.

Word Press won't attempt to create the new files directly if they won't have the correct ownership.

After you log in to Word Press and click on the Dashboard menu at the top of the screen, you can upload files with the Flash uploader.

WARNING: The upgrade process will affect all files and folders included in the main Word Press installation.

On some shared hosting platforms, it is a security risk for the files to be owned by the web server user and not a FTP user.

See the tutorial on Changing File Permissions for more information, including how to configure file permissions so that multiple FTP users are able to edit the files.

Kies je thema, kies een domein, selecteer een abonnement en bouw je toekomst op.

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