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In order to get the CC3200's TLS client to authenticate the AP you must first upload the trust anchor (i.e.

root CA) to the CC3200's filesystem as The CC3200 chip and SDK supports 802.1x out-of-the-box and this patch merely exposed that interface to micropython.

English is not my native language so please be patient.

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This prevents people from getting the network key from computers.

All, Here's the settings I pulled out of Intel PROSet utility I'm using with my laptop PEAP User Panel: Network Authentication: WPA-Enterprise Data Encryption: TKIP Auth Type: PEAP Auth Protocol: GTC User credentials: Username/password Then I have my username and password typed in there, with Domain blank, and a "Roaming Identity" that was already filled in with a what appears to be my Windows Domain\User, so I left it as was.

Finally, I've defeated my Ci SCO EAP-FAST corporate wifi network, and all our Android devices are now able to connect to it.

The walk-around I've performed in order to gain access to this kind of networks from an Android device are easiest than you can imagine.

As you may know already, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security is not secure.

This first wireless LAN security standard, developed by the IEEE, has been vulnerable to cracking by Wi-Fi hackers for nearly a decade now.PEAP Server Panel: Validate Server Certificate is Checked Cert Issuer set to "Any Trusted CA" This works on my laptop but I'm having a bear of a time getting this to work in the E61i.I read some documentation on the nokia site where if I set it to WPA/WPA2 i'm supposed to see the TKIP option in the menu but I don't see it.Has anyone else gotten this same type of WLAN auth scheme to work with the E61i?I have been trying to connect my android device to an enterprise network programatically over the past few days without any success, I have been following multiple examples online, but most of the ones I find are for EAP(TLS) networks and the one where I work is EAP(PEAP), here is the type of network.There's a Wifi Config Editor in the Google Play Store you can use to "activate" the secondary CISCO Protocols when you are setting up a EAP wifi connection.

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